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Rhinoplasty – Improve The Proportion And Appearance Of Your Nose

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose job or nasal reshaping, is the process of enhancing the nasal contour with the help of plastic surgery. People may go in for rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons or for functional reasons. Irrespective of the reason, the process involves reshaping the nasal cartilage or nasal bone in order to produce a natural nasal contour that not only beautifies the face, but also enhances the nasal functionality. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and patients may resume work within 7-10 days of the surgery, however, full physical activity can be resumed after a month or so.

The surgeon should have complete understanding of the facial anatomy as well as aesthetic sense to achieve a nose that is better proportioned and has a more pleasing contour. The surgeon has to work quite skillfully and artistically to remove the cosmetically unnecessary skeletal tissues and apply structural grafts or implants. There are a few anatomic considerations that might limit the extent of cosmetic change, and these considerations include skin thickness, skeletal size, and available blood supply, in addition to functional limitations and long term durability. The surgeon must have surgical understanding of rhinoplasty and mastery on the techniques too.

A patient who has complaints with nasal appearance or breathing and has realistic expectations from the treatment is a good candidate for rhinoplasty. An expert surgeon would listen to all concerns of the patient and educate him/her and give a feel of what he/she would be going through. A rhinoplasty specialist would endeavor to create a natural and improved nose, rather than creating the perfect nose. One may ask the surgeon for before and after photographs of previous patients as this can help in getting an idea of what the surgeon is capable of.

A reputed rhinoplasty surgeon would perform the surgery in the state-of-the-art plastic surgery center. After the procedure, some patients may express some discomfort; It is mainly due to the obstruction from gauze wicks in each nostril, but then, these are removed the following day of the surgery, and so, this problem is resolved.

As far as the cost of the procedure is concerned, the total cost depends on the work that needs to be done, although, it is not recommended to emphasize on cost savings when dealing with one’s own face. Before one schedules his/her rhinoplasty, it is advisable to contact the health insurer and discuss the possibilities of the procedure being covered.

Restylane Injections Under Eyes as a Tear Trough Treatment

Restylane Injections Under Eyes

Dr. Corey S. Maas shows how Restylane injections under the eyes can be used as a treatment for tear troughs.

So there’s just a slight depression that you can see here, a residual in the tear trough area and there is also a slight ridge here and I kind of outlined a small triangular area in treating the tear trough. This is very difficult, it’s three-dimensional but this area right along here is a line and then there is sort of a triangular area that’s flat. So she has the nasolabial fold and then a flat area right above that, or superior to that. What we’re going to do today is put a little bit of Restylane filler in this tiny amount of a residual tear trough and then do a little volume enhancement to reduce such a slight but really visible ridge here. We’re going to attenuate that by treating this area below and make the cheek rounder in the flattened mid-face area. Strategically, that’s what we’re going to do. We’ve already had her iced. We’ve prepped the skin surface with a little alcohol. I’ll do that again and then I’m going to have her pick a point in the distance straight ahead.

You’ll feel just a little pinch here. I want to make sure I’m staying below the rim and below the orbicularis. She really just needed a little drop there. So I created little bolus and then I’ll just gently massage that bolus in so that will be nice and flat now. Then we have this section here. She’s iced. It’ll sting initially so it will give you a little pinch here. As we go here, this will numb because it has local anesthesia in it. I’m just going to do one little pass and a second little pass here. Then I’m going to massage this area here. We’re now right below that little ridge area. Hopefully there will be no bruise. We’re going for the no bruise treatment today. That ridge is gone now, got a little better volume below it and that really looks nice and smooth. I can do one more little drop here. I just have a half a syringe. I’m just going to pinch one more. I’m going to have you ice the other side now. I think we have that side treated. I’m just holding a little pressure to kind of keep you from getting a bruise there.

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